Our Mission

Offer rewarding travel experiences through eco-friendly activities while directly reduce the environmental traveler’s footprint.

Our Story

Both having a passion for travel, it is through a travel blog that we met. Gabrielle published an article that instantly inspired me and pushed me to write to her. We met on park benches to share our travel experiences. After several passionate discussions, we realized that the environment and the people we meet are what inspires us the most. We became aware that the influx of tourism is increasing over the years. So, we wondered: how is it possible to continue to travel while reducing our environmental impact and preserve our beautiful planet? Finding a way to travel differently and benefit as many people as possible is our goal with Green Me Away. It is by putting our know-how together that we have created a concept that allows everyone to travel while having the least possible ecological impact!


Judith Duquette


Judith always had a strong desire to make a difference in people’s lives. Through the years, she has shared her experiences with whomever she meets in order to inspire them to adopt new travel habits and reduce their environmental footprints. She likes to be touched and inspired by everyone stories and backgrounds. Her passion for travels took her to Cameroon on a 3-month volunteer internship that changed her forever. After that she lived in Australia and explored many countries in South East Asia.

Gabrielle Sangollo


Gabrielle is a Sustainable & International Development graduate. Since then she traveled around the world to help others. She worked  in Morocco, in Laos and in Indonesia among other countries. She was always conscientious about the environment, trying to find solutions to help people in needs and make this world a better place.